state manual

  • How To – CrimethInk site
  • Direct Action Zines – sprout distro list
  • Safer in the Streets – A zine on best practices for dealing with the police from a cartoonist collective. 2020 site
  • The Black Flag Catalyst Revolt Guide text
  • The Riot Manual 2020 Red and Black text
  • riot medicine Håkan Geijer 2020 pdf
  • armbands 45th Parallel Absurdist Brigade 2020 text
  • New Afrikan Self Defense Handbook pdf
  • on bushcraft blades and sharpening flutureSomn text
  • oldjimbo wilderness survival site



  • How To Shoot A Slingshot By Zachary Fowler video
  • DIY Staff Slingshot Fandabi Dozvideo
  • Puchi of Tibet with a long sling in slo mo, Mallorca video
  • Afghan sidearm slinging style video
  • Balearic slinger slo-mo video
  • How to sling like a Balearic slinger video
  • Old School Slingshot – Medieval and Roman style Tod’s Workshop video
  • How to make a sling Tod’s Workshop video
  • Shepherd Sling: amazing accuracy with primitive rock ammunition! video
  • A point about slings video
—staff sling—
  • How to make and use the staff sling (fustibalus) video
  • dual ramp staff sling pic
  • Aluminium one-handed Staff Sling video
  • ‘tampa linkosling’ style stick sling construction video
  • Penobscot Stick Sling video
  • Reinventing the Staff Sling, PART I video
  • Traditional Bow [Colombia] 2014 video
  • Making a traditional amazonian bow and arrows 2019 video
  • Bow and Arrow with Poison [Hadza] 2017 video pt 2 video



  • Blockading Trains and Shutting Down Pipelines 2019 fight like an animal text
  • Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching 1993 ave Foreman and Bill Haywood pdf
  • Simple sabotage field [state] manual pdf



  • Security Zines – sprout distro list
  • YOUR PHONE IS A COP : An OpSec/InfoSec Primer for the Dystopian Present 2017 It’s Going Down text
  • Your Phone is a Tracking Device : Digital Revolutionary text
  • Defy Surveillance : Digital Revolutionary text
  • Gear Up : Digital Revolutionary text
  • What Is Security Culture? Crimethinc 2004 text audio
  • bad robot gallery




—state manual—

  • The Art Of War Sun Tzu text audio
  • Army Special Operations Forces. Unconventional Warfare pdf
  • United States Army, “Counterinsurgency Manual” 2006 pdf 2018 pdf