—‘dawn of everything’ review—

Radical Anthropology @radicalanthro 2 – Wicked Liberty2a3 – Unfreezing the Ice Age4 – Free People, the Origin of Cultures, and the Advent of Private Property4a dawn of everything 2021 Graeber & Wengrow pdf . —2 – Wicked Liberty— threadreaderapp twitter Reading #TheDawnofEveryThing, the chapter on Wendat statesman Kandiaronk and his influence in provoking the EuropeanContinue reading “—‘dawn of everything’ review—”

cruelty and redemption

chapter 4 ‘Debt – the first 5000 years’ – David Graeber Debt – The First 5000 Years essay text book pdf audio lecture video interview video We will buy the poor for silver, theneedy for a pair of sandals.-Amos 2:6 THE READER MAY have noticed that there is an unresolved debatebetween those who see moneyContinue reading “cruelty and redemption”

9 threads on propaganda, poverty, the Enlightenment etc

All Possums Go to Heaven @AndyinDC1 =================================================== (1) On misleading capitalist propaganda.(2) On Trumpism as a Ghost Dance.(3) On Gramsci and cultural hegemony.(4) On the Enlightenment.(5) On the “democracy is mob rule” crowd.(6) On the use and abuse of the term “freedom.”(7) On John Locke as a propagandist for the propertied class.(8) On the historyContinue reading “9 threads on propaganda, poverty, the Enlightenment etc”

6 threads on property

All Possums Go to Heaven @AndyinDC1 (1) On the question of the permanence of ownership.(2) On the nature of private property.(3) On the nature of ownership.(4) On ownership.(5) On the use and abuse of “private” property.(6) On private property, again. =================================================== (1) On the question of the permanence of ownership. twitter I’m fascinated by theContinue reading “6 threads on property”

2 threads on work

All Possums Go to Heaven @AndyinDC1 =================================================== (1) On work. (2) On the industriousness of children and the misery of work. =================================================== (1) On work. twitter Last week, I went on a trip to the beach with my kids. I built a sand castle. It was a lot of work! (I build big sand castles.)Continue reading “2 threads on work”

on William Gillis’ “The Organic Emergence of Property from Reputation”

tony pancake @tony_pancaketwitter here are some unfair initial thoughts on this article by william gillis The Organic Emergence of Property from Reputation text gillis is a “left-wing market anarchist” and in this article he is arguing a number of things, but the title is mostly accurate to the main claim: he defends the simple descriptiveContinue reading “on William Gillis’ “The Organic Emergence of Property from Reputation””

5 threads on feudalism, enclosure and guesting

All Possums Go to Heaven @AndyinDC1 ===================================================(1) On feudalism.(2) On enclosure.(3) On Thomas Paine and Enclosure.(4) On primitive accumulation, enclosure, and capitalism.(5) On guest right, mobility, and the freedom to leave. =================================================== (1) On feudalism. twitter I regularly encounter deep misconceptions about feudalism on this hellsite. Mostly from righties, but also sometimes tankies, who celebrateContinue reading “5 threads on feudalism, enclosure and guesting”


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