On misleading capitalist propaganda

All Possums Go to Heaven @AndyinDC1 & Don Salmon @dijonitwitter thread Do you ever see this chart? People are fond of whipping this out to show how AWESOME capitalism is by totally WRECKING POVERTY. It seems hard to argue with it! A system that could achieve good like this, even if it has problems, wouldContinue reading “On misleading capitalist propaganda”

—states : a reader—

The Cosmist Insurrection, Inc. ™ @yungneocon Democracies don’t fight wars with other democracies, but they initiate and cause more war in the world system. They also target civilians in war more, and all use torture as much as authoritarian regimes. Democracy formation has inevitably been associated with state formation & nationalism, which ultimately means twoContinue reading “—states : a reader—”

—slime mold—

PUMO:̸̧̤̥̋͊͒̆͊̕3̶̠͎̹̬̰̍̄ @EmojiPan , William Gillis @rechelon PUMO:̸̧̤̥̋͊͒̆͊̕3̶̠͎̹̬̰̍̄ @EmojiPan Much confusion has arised about what #SlimeMoldTwitter (Green circle) even is about, and it’s really funny. I have no interest in controlling the meme, but I have an interest in clarity, so I will detail, once, how this came to be, the questions no one asked. TheContinue reading “—slime mold—”

—postcapitalist desire—

Postcapitalist Desire: The Final Lectures Mark Fisher pdf original reading list (which chapters to read) Mark Fisher text 1. What is Postcapitalism? Inventing the future: postcapitalism and a world without work 2015 Nick Srnicek, Alex Williams pdf A Postcapitalist Politics 2006 J. K. Gibson-Graham pdf PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future 2015 Paul Mason pdfContinue reading “—postcapitalist desire—”

—ballistic gallery—

Riot cops can’t keep up the oppression if they can’t see. Paint bombs (water-balloons with thick paint), blind riot cops and slicken their gear. It’s an easy effective tactic. Oil paint works best. Latex paint can cause allergic reactions. Mixed with sand it will be difficult to clean without ruining the visibility permanently. Slingshots canContinue reading “—ballistic gallery—”

—savages or the stupid state—

All Possums Go to Heaven @AndyinDC1 on twitter @davidgraeber and @davidwengrow’s lecture, The Myth of the Stupid Savage, is totally brilliant and you should absolutely listen to it (I am impatiently waiting for the book). But there’s one really specific point I want to focus on for a moment. video Throughout the lecture (and theirContinue reading “—savages or the stupid state—”