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  • deanimation 2020 Ewatomi Abara text
  • Adorno & Horkheimer
  • Giorgio Agamben
  • Anarkata – A Statement 2019 Afrofuturist Abolitionists of the Americas text
  • All Possums Go to Heaven
  • A General Theory of Love 2000 Fari Amini, Richard Lannon pdf
  • anonymous
  • Conditions 2009 Alain Badiou pdf
  • Kuwazi Balagoon
  • Jean Baudrillard
  • Beauvoir & Sartre
  • Adapting to Transform Networked Conflict : How complexity is our biggest asset emmi bevensee and frank miroslav pdf
  • Feudal Society: Vol 1: The Growth and Ties of Dependence 1989 Marc Bloch pdf
  • Feudal Society: Vol 2: Social Classes and Political Organisation 1989 Marc Bloch pdf
  • The Politics Of Obedience : The Discourse Of Voluntary Servitude 1975 Etienne De La Boetie pdf
  • Alfredo M Bonanno
  • Empty Planet: The Shock of Global Population Decline 2019 Darrell Bricker, John Ibbitson pdf presentation
  • The Homebrew Industrial Revolution : A Low-Overhead Manifesto 2010 Kevin A. Carson pdf
  • The Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand: Capitalism As a State-Guaranteed System of Privilege Kevin A. Carson text & audio
  • Silent Spring 1962 Rachel Carson pdf
  • on shipping (suez 2021) reading list @CharmaineSChua text
  • The Theory of the Peasant Economy Alexander Chayanov pdf
  • The Theory of Peasant Co-Operatives 1981 Alexander Chayanov pdf
  • Pierre Clastres
  • Materialism and the Dialectical Method Maurice Cornforth pdf
  • Historical Materialism Maurice Cornforth pdf
  • Freedom Is a Constant Struggle – Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement 2016 Angela Y. Davis pdf
  • Deleuze & Guattari
  • Jacques Derrida
  • Franz Fanon
  • Feral Revolution and other essays. Feral Faun text
  • Mark Fisher
  • Flower Bomb
  • Claire Fontaine
  • Michel Foucault
  • Paulo Freire
  • Peter Gelderloos
  • M. Gouldhawke site
  • David Graeber
  • Towards Another Anarchism Andrej Grubacic pdf
  • On The Problem of Scale: A Synthesis of Kropotkin, Mumford, Boulding, Bookchin and Schumacher Benjamen F. Gussen pdf
  • Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri
  • Michael Heinrich
  • Michael W. Hudson
  • The Locking Spine 2020 Donovan Irven text
  • Radical Enlightenment. Philosophy and the Making of Modernity 1650-1750 Jonathan I. Israel 2001 pdf
  • Blood in My Eye 1971 George Jackson pdf audio
  • The Death and Life of Great American Cities 1961 Jane Jacobs pdf
  • Postmodernism, or, The cultural logic of late capitalism 1990 Fredric Jameson pdf
  • The Politics of Enmity A Lover’s Thoughts on the Militant 2021 Janette text
  • Soul by Soul: Life Inside the Antebellum Slave Market 1999 Walter Johnson pdf
  • Naming and Necessity 1980 Saul A. Kripke pdf
  • François Laruelle
  • Maurizio Lazzarato
  • The Production of Space 1974 Henri Lefebvre pdf
  • Prisons We Choose to Live inside 1985 Doris Lessing pdf audio
  • Mark Levene
  • Jean-François Lyotard
  • Charles S. Maier
  • Karl Marx
  • Marcel Mauss
  • Necropolitics Achille Mbembe, Steve Corcoran pdf JohntheDuncan video
  • Joel Migdal
  • In the Spirit of Total Resistance: The Life and Writings of Arthur J. Miller text
  • Cooperation and human cognition : the Vygotskian intelligence hypothesis Moll & Tomasello text
  • Joyful Militancy: Building Thriving Resistance in Toxic Times Nick Montgomery & Carla Bergman pdf
  • Brian Morris
  • Spinal Catastrophism Thomas Moynihan pdf
  • Lewis Mumford
  • Cyclonopedia Complicity with Anonymous Materials Reza Negarestani pdf
  • Theory of the Gimmick: Aesthetic Judgment and Capitalist Form 2020 Sianne Ngai pdf
  • Capital as Power : A Study of Order and Creorder 2009 Nitzan & Bichler pdf
  • Padgett
  • Robin Peignot
  • The Invention of Capitalism 2000 Michael Perelman pdf
  • Against His-Story, Against Leviathan! 2002 Fredy Perlman pdf
  • The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time 2006 Karl Polanyi pdf
  • slime mold twitter 2020 PUMO:̸̧̤̥̋͊͒̆͊̕3̶̠͎̹̬̰̍̄ @EmojiPan, William Gillis @rechelon text
  • Black Marxism: The Making of the Black Radical Tradition Cedric Robinson pdf audio
  • Into the Tempest: essays on the new global capitalism 2018 William I Robinson pdf
  • Walter Rodney
  • Marshall Sahlins
  • Zoé Samudzi
  • James Scott
  • Blessed is the Flame : An introduction to concentration camp resistance and anarcho-nihilism 2016 Serafinski text
  • Individuation in Light of Notions of Form and Information Gilbert Simondon pdf
  • Money and Government: The Past and Future of Economics 2018 Robert Skidelsky pdf
  • Martin Sostre: Prison Revolutionary text
  • subcomandante Marcos
  • The Breakdown of Westphalia The Plausibe Possible text
  • The Making of the English Working Class 1966 E.P. Thompson pdf
  • the invisible committee
  • tiqqun
  • Lucien van der Walt
  • Anarca-Islam Mohamed Jean Veneuse text
  • A Grammar of the Multitude : For an Analysis of Contemporary Forms of Life 2006 Paolo Virno pdf
  • Historical Capitalism with Capitalist Civilization 1983 Immanuel Wallerstein pdf
  • Selected Works of Karl Widerquist site
  • What’s Wrong With Postanarchism? Jesse Cohn, Shawn P. Wilbur text
  • The Origin of Capitalism: A Longer View 2002 Ellen Meiksins Wood pdf


  • Indigenous Anarchist Federation reading list text
  • Black Anarchism : A Reader Black Rose pdf
  • Ediciones Inéditas Anthology text
  • Anarkata – A Statement 2019 Afrofuturist Abolitionists of the Americas text
  • Carnival and Class Struggle, Saint Andrewism video
  • Kuwazi Balagoon
  • The Myth and Propaganda of Black Buying Power Jared A Ball pdf
  • Sadomasochism in Everyday Life: The Dynamics of Power and Powerlessness 1992 Lynn S. Chancer pdf
  • Freedom Is a Constant Struggle – Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement 2016 Angela Y. Davis pdf
    Franz Fanon
  • M. Gouldhawke site
  • Blood in My Eye 1971 George Jackson pdf audio
  • Black Marxism: The Making of the Black Radical Tradition Cedric Robinson pdf audio
  • Walter Rodney
  • Zoé Samudzi
  • Martin Sostre: Prison Revolutionary text
  • subcomandante Marcos
  • Anarca-Islam Mohamed Jean Veneuse text


— Adorno & Horkheimer —
  • The Culture Industry – Adorno, Horkheimer, Neomarxism and Ideology PlasticPills video
  • Adorno list Theory & Philosophy video
  • Dialectic of Enlightenment : philosophical fragments 1950 pdf
  • Eclipse Of Reason (Continuum Impacts) 1947 Horkheimer pdf
  • Aesthetic Theory 1970 Adorno pdf
  • critical theory – selected essays horkheimer pdf

—Giorgio Agamben—
  • What is an Apparatus? Agamben’s Conceptual Analysis of ‘Dispositif’ 2021 Acid Horizon audio
  • Giorgio Agamben. Forms of Power. 2009 video
  • The Omnibus Homo Sacer 1998 Giorgio Agamben pdf

— All Possums Go to Heaven @HeavenlyPossums —
  • 5 threads on feudalism, enclosure and guesting text
  • 6 threads on property text
  • 2 threads on work text
  • 9 threads on propaganda, poverty, the Enlightenment etc text
  • On the social construction of policing text

— anonymous —

— Kuwasi Balagoon —
  • Anarchy Can’t Fight Alone. text
  • Free Them All! : Matt Meyer on Kuwasi Balagoon audio

— Jean Baudrillard —
  • An Introduction to Baudrillard Then & Now video
  • Martin Luther King Jr: Postmodern Revisionism and Hyperreality 2020 Epoch video
  • The Hyperreal Commodity: Baudrillard on Sign Exchange Plasticpills video
  • Baudrillard – Symbolic Exchange and Death PlasticPills video
  • Baudrillard and Call of Duty: Simulations of War | 1Dime video
  • American Psycho, Baudrillard and the Postmodern Condition 2018 Jonas Čeika video
  • What did Baudrillard think about The Matrix? 2019 Jonas Čeika video
  • Jean Baudrillard list Theory & Philosophy video
  • The Gulf War Did Not Take Place Jean Baudrillard pdf
  • The Spirit of Terrorism pdf
  • Simulacra and Simulation 1994 pdf
  • The Mirror of Production 1973 pdf
  • The System of Objects 1968 pdf

— Beauvoir & Sartre —
  • The Second Sex 1949 Simone de Beauvoir pdf
  • The Critique of Dialectical Reason Jean-Paul Sartre pdf

— Alfredo M Bonanno —
  • Fictitious Movement and Real Movement 1977 text
  • Towards Anarchist Antimilitarism 1982 text
  • The Anarchist Tension 1996 text audio
  • Albania: Laboratory of Subversion 1999 text
  • Technology 2017 text audio
  • Anarchism and the National Liberation Struggle 2019 text
  • Some very common theoretical errors text
  • Errico Malatesta and Revolutionary Violence 2003 text

  • Armed Joy 1977 text audio or audio
  • Insurrectionalist Anarchism 1999 text
  • The Logic of Insurrection 1984 text
  • From Riot to Insurrection 1988 text audio
  • The Insurrectional Project 1998 text
  • Insurrectionalist Anarchism 1999 text
  • Towards insurrection 2015 text

—Pierre Clastres—
  • Society Against the State 1989 pdf excerpt audio
  • Archeology of Violence pdf

—Voltairine de Cleyre—
  • Some Nihilists I Have Met 1893 text
  • Selected Works of Voltairine de Cleyre 1914 text
  • The Individualist and the Communist – A Dialogue 1891 Rosa Slobodinsky, de Cleyre text
  • A Glance at Communism 1891 text

—Deleuze & Guattari—
  • What are societies of control? Cuck Philosophy video
  • Introduction to Deleuze: Difference and Repetition 2018 Then & Now video
  • The Rhizome – A Thousand Plateaus, Deleuze and Guattari 2018 Then & Now video
  • Deleuze list PlasticPills video
  • Deleuze for the Desperate series Dave Harris video
  • Quarantine Collective audio
  • Deleuze and Guattari: an intro for Anarchist Communists 2015 Life Glug
  • Postscript on the Societies of Control 1990 Deleuze text & discussion Acid Horizon audio
  • Acid Horizon presents Concepts in Focus: The Body without Organs audio
  • The Machinic Unconscious: Essays in Schizoanalysis Guattari pdf
  • A Thousand Plateaus Deleuze, Guattari pdf illustrated audio and audio
  • Chaosmosis an ethico-aesthetic paradigm Guittari pdf
  • At the edges of thought: Deleuze and post-kantian philosophy 2015 Craig Lundy Daniela Voss pdf
  • Judgment or Cruelty: Deleuze with Artaud, Kafka, and Nietzsche Acid Horizon audio
  • D&G list Theory & Philosophy video
  • Deleuze list Theory & Philosophy video
  • To Have Done with Judgment (fragment) deleuze pdf
  • Imposter Syndrome and Philosophy: Thinking with Gilles Deleuze and Mark Fisher Acid Horizon audio
  • Molecular Revolution : Psychiatry and Politics 1984 Guattari pdf audio
  • The Logic of Sense 1990 Deleuze pdf audio
  • Dark Deleuze Andrew Culp pdf audio interview w Flicker Theory video and Acid Horizon audio
  • Félix Guattari’s Seminar “Les Quatres Inconscients 13/01/1981” text
  • An Interview with Deleuze/Guattari: Capitalism, a very special delirium. text or text
  • War on the State: Stirner and Deleuze’s Anarchism 2009 Saul Newman text
  • Empiricism, Pluralism and Politics in Deleuze and Stirner 2003 Saul Newman text
  • deleuze (pseud_posting) big pdf


  • Deleuze & Guattari: Anti-Oedipus on Schizoanalysis versus Capitalism PlasticPills video
  • Anti-Oedipus Reading Group 2020 Hermitix Podcast audio
  • Reader’s Guide to Anti-Oedipus 2008 Ian Buchanan pdf

—Jacques Derrida—
  • Hauntology – Derrida’s Specters of Marx PlasticPills video
  • Specters of Marx: The State of the Debt, The Work of Mourning & the New International 1993 pdf
  • Understanding Derrida, Deconstruction & Of Grammatology – Then & Now
  • Derrida list Theory & Philosophy video
  • Introducing Derrida: A Graphic Guide pdf
  • Structure, Sign, and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences 1970 pdf
  • Writing and Difference 1967 pdf
  • Differance audio
  • Of Grammatology 1967 pdf
  • Derrida on the Secret, Sacrifice, and the Singularity of Death Acid Horizon audio
  • The Gift of Death 1995 Jacques Derrida pdf

—Frantz Fanon—
  • Black Skin, White Masks 1952 pdf audio
  • Frantz Fanon: Existentialist, Dialectician, and Revolutionary by LaRose T. Parris pdf
  • The Logician of Madness : Fanon’s Lacan Sinan Richards pdf

—Mark Fisher—
  • Ghosts of Mark Fisher: Hauntology, Lost Futures, and Depression Epoch Philosophy video
  • What Is Hauntology? 2012 pdf
  • Exiting the Vampire Castle 2013 text
  • Terminator vs Avatar : Notes on Accelerationism 2010 Mark Fisher text video lecture audio (summary Flicker Theory:) video
  • Capitalist Realism and Hauntology (lecture) audio
  • The Caretaker 2006 Theoretically pure anterograde amnesia
  • Burial 2006 Burial
  • capitalist realism pdf audio
  • The Slow Cancellation Of The Future (lecture) video
  • Ghosts of My Life. Writings on Depression, Hauntology and Lost Futures pdf
  • The Work of Mark Fisher w/ Matt Colquhoun – Hermitix Podcast audio
  • ‘How to Kill a Zombie: Strategizing the End of Neoliberalism’ video
  • Fisher list Theory & Philosophy video
  • The Weird and the Eerie Revisited with Matt Colquhoun – Acid Horizon audio
  • The Weird and the Eerie 2016 pdf
  • Mark Fisher and Postcapitalist Desire: “Egress” with Matt Colquhoun Acid Horizon audio Part 2 audio
  • reading list for postcapitalist desire text the book pdf
  • Mark Fisher : Cybertime Crisis (lecture) video
  • K-Punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (2004-2016) pdf
  • On Vanishing Land audio
  • The Acid Left podcastaudio

—Flower Bomb—
  • No Hope, No Future: Let the Adventures Begin! Flower Bomb text
  • Prison Break: An Anarchist Blueprint for Hedonism 2019 Flower Bomb text
  • Arming Negativity: Towards the Queerest Attack : A Response to “Beyond Negativity: What Comes After Gender Nihilism?” 2018 Flower Bomb text

—Claire Fontaine—
  • Human strike within the field of libidinal economy 2009 text
  • Human Strike Has Already Begun And Other Writings 2013text

—Michel Foucault—
  • Foucault’s “Politics of Health” and “What Is Enlightenment?” Acid Horizon audio
  • Deleuze, Foucault, and Prisons: Revisiting “Intellectuals and Power” Acid Horizon audio
  • Understanding Foucault and the Feminist Philosophy of Disability with Shelley Tremain Acid Horizon audio
  • Foucault list Theory & Philosophy video
  • This Is What a Historicist and Relativist Feminist Philosophy of Disability Looks Like Shelley Tremain pdf
  • Foucault and Feminist Philosophy of Disability Shelley Lynn Tremain pdf
  • Foucault and the use of exposure: discipline, ethics, and self-writing Strand Sheldahl-Thomason text
  • Foucault—The Lost Interview video
  • The History of Sexuality (Vol-1): The Will to Knowledge 1976 pdf
  • The History of Sexuality (Vol-2): The Use of Pleasure pdf
  • The History of Sexuality (Vol-3): The Care of the Self pdf
  • The Order of Things: An Archaeology of the Human Sciences pdf

—Paulo Freire—
  • The Politics of Education. Culture, Power, and Liberation pdf
  • pedagogy of the oppressed pdf
  • Education for Critical Consciousness pdf
  • Pedagogy of Hope: Reliving Pedagogy of the Oppressed pdf
  • Letters to Cristina: Reflection on My Life and Work pdf
  • Pedagogy of the City pdf
  • Pedagogy of Freedom : Ethics, Democracy and Civic Courage pdf
  • Pedagogy in process: the letters to Guinea-Bissau pdf


  • Paulo Freire in South Africa pdf
  • The MST and Paulo Freire’s legacy in Africa 2021 pdf
  • The Global Impact of Freire’s Pedagogy 2017 Moacir Gadotti pdf
  • The Relevance of Paulo Freire’s Contributions to Education and Development in Present Day Africa Juma E. Nyirenda pdf
  • Teaching Community : A Pedagogy of Hope bell hooks pdf

—Peter Gelderloos—
  • The Reaction This Time. Understanding Reaction In A Global, Historical Perspective text
  • To Get to the Other Side: a journey through Europe and its anarchist movements 2007 text
  • Reflections for the US Occupy Movement – from the Barcelona Neighborhood Assemblies text
  • The Failure of Nonviolence. Peter Gelderloos pdf
  • How Nonviolence Protects the State, Peter Gelderloos pdf audio
  • Learning from Ferguson 2014 text audio
  • Diagnostic of the Future pdf
  • Counterinsurgency: dousing the flames of Minneapolis text

—Emma Goldman—
  • living my life 1931 Emma Goldman pdf
  • Was My Life Worth Living? 1934 Emma Goldman text
  • Emma Goldman – An Exceedingly Dangerous Woman video

—David Graeber—


  • Lost People : Magic and the Legacy of Slavery in Madagascar 2007 pdf
  • Possibilities. Essays on Hierarchy, Rebellion, and Desire 2007 text
  • Direct Action : An Ethnography 2009 text
  • The Democracy Project 2013 pdf
  • The Utopia of Rules : On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy 2015 text audio
  • On Kings 2017 DG & Marshall Sahlins pdf
  • Anarchy—In a Manner of Speaking : Conversations with Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, Nika Dubrovsky, and Assia Turquier-Zauberman 2020 pdf


  • Rebel Without A God : The Anti-Authoritarian Attributes Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1998 text
  • The New Anarchists 2002 text
  • The Twilight of Vanguardism 2003 text
  • Anarchism, Or The Revolutionary Movement Of The Twenty-first Century. Andrej Grubacic 2004 David Graeber text
  • Beyond Power/Knowledge : An Exploration of power, ignorance and stupidity 2006 David Graeber text
  • Army of Altruists. On the alienated right to do good 2007 text audio
  • The Sadness of Post-Workerism 2008 text
  • Hope in Common 2008 text
  • Give It Away 2008 text
  • Communism, 2010 text reading group 2021 Museum of Care video
  • We are already communists video
  • Note worthy: what is the meaning of money? 2011 text
  • Can’t Stop Believing : Magic and politics 2012 text
  • Super Position 2012 text
  • Culture as creative refusal 2013 text a reading group 2021 Museum of Care video
  • A Practical Utopian’s Guide to the Coming Collapse 2013 pdf
  • The Failure of Gun Legislation in the Senate Tells us we Need to fight for our Democracy 2013 text
  • It is value that brings universes into being 2013 text
  • What’s the Point If We Can’t Have Fun? 2014 text Reading group of Museum of Care video
  • Caring too much. That’s the curse of the working classes 2014 text
  • Students are right to march against the markets. Why can’t education be free? 2014 text
  • “No. This is a Genuine Revolution” 2014 David Graeber, Pinar Öğünç text
  • Despair Fatigue. How hopelessness grew boring 2016 text
  • The elites hate Momentum and the Corbynites — and I’ll tell you why 2016 text
  • I didn’t understand how widespread rape was. Then the penny dropped 2017 text
  • It Wasn’t a Tenure Case : A Personal Testimony, with Reflections 2017 text
  • Another Art World, Part 1: Art Communism and Artificial Scarcity 2019 text reading group 2021 museum of care video another video
  • Another Art World, Part 2: Utopia of Freedom as a Market Value 2019 text
  • Another Art World, Part 3: Policing and Symbolic Order 2020 text
  • The Center Blows Itself Up : Care and Spite in the ‘Brexit Election’ 2020 text


  • There Never Was a West. Or, Democracy Emerges From the Spaces In Between 2007 text
  • Dickheads : The paradox of the necktie resolved 2015 text
  • How to change the course of human history (at least, the part that’s already happened) 2018 text audio
  • Toward an Anthropological Theory of Value. The False Coin of Our Own Dreams 2002 text
  • Culture as creative refusal 2013 text a reading group 2021 Museum of Care video
  • To Have Is to Owe 2010 text
  • Debt – The First 5000 Years essay text book pdf audio lecture video interview video
  • Debt, Slavery and our Idea of Freedom. DG, Jamie Stern-Weiner 2011 text
  • On the invention of money. Notes on sex, adventure, monomaniacal sociopathy and the true function of economics 2011 text
  • It is value that brings universes into being 2013 text
  • Delivers a talk on ‘indigenous’ peoples. 2014 audio
  • Farewell to the ‘childhood of man’: ritual, seasonality, and the origins of inequality David Wengrow, DG pdf
  • The divine kingship of the Shilluk : On violence, utopia, and the human condition, or, elements for an archaeology of sovereignty 2011 text
  • Anthropology and the rise of the professional-managerial class 2014 text
  • Provisional Autonomous Zone: Dilemmas of Authority in Rural Madagascar David Graeber text


  • Revolution in Reverse 2007 text
  • The Shock of Victory 2007 text
  • Direct Action: An Ethnography 2009 text


  • Occupy and anarchism’s gift of democracy 2011 text
  • Occupy’s anarchist roots 2011 text
  • Occupy Wall Street rediscovers the radical imagination 2011 text
  • Occupy’s liberation from liberalism: the real meaning of May Day 2012 text
  • The Democracy Project 2013 David Graeber pdf
  • Occupy Democracy is not considered newsworthy. It should be 2014 text

—economy (modern)—

  • Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit 2006 text audio
  • Against Kamikaze Capitalism 2010 text
  • There’s no need for all this economic sadomasochism 2013 text
  • The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it 2014 text
  • Soak the Rich : An exchange on capital, debt, and the future 2015 DG, Thomas Piketty text
  • Against Economics 2019 text audio
  • Savage capitalism is back – and it will not tame itself 2020 text


  • Turning Modes of Production Inside Out – Or, Why Capitalism is a Transformation of Slavery 2006 Graeber text audio reading group 2021 Museum of Care video
  • Anthropology and the rise of the professional-managerial class 2014 text
  • Bullshit Jobs. A Theory 2018 Graeber text essay text audio interview audio lecture video reading group 2021 Museum of Care video
  • ‘I had to guard an empty room’ : The rise of the pointless job 2020 text
  • To save the world, we’re going to have to stop working 2020 Graeber text audio


  • Beyond the Monastic Self text a reading group 2021 Museum of Care video

—Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri—
  • Postmodernization in Hardt & Negri’s Empire audio
  • Empire 2000 pdf
  • Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire 2004 pdf
  • Empire in 2020 lecture Hardt audio
  • Hardt : Globalization and Democracy – Politics of Multitude audio

— Michael Heinrich —
  • CAPPE Public Lecture | The Actuality Of Marx’s Communism video
  • The Political Impact of Marx’s Form Analysis | Red May 2021 audio
  • Ep 155: Marx Against Marxism 2021 The Antifada audio BONUS: No, Tanks (PREVIEW) audio
  • Karl Marx’s Monetary Theory of Value video
  • Value, fetishism and impersonal domination audio
  • An Introduction to the Three Volumes of Karl Marx’s Capital 2012 pdf
  • How to Read Marx’s Capital: Commentary and Explanations on the Beginning Chapters 2021 pdf
  • Karl Marx and the birth of modern society : the life of Marx and the development of his work. Volume I. 1818-1841 (2019) pdf
  • “Capital”after MEGA: Discontinuities, Interruptions, and New Beginnings pdf
  • Michael Heinrich: The bourgeois state: class domination on the basis of freedom and equality video

— Michael W. Hudson —
  • The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America–and Spawned a Global Crisis 2011 pdf
  • The Bubble and Beyond. Fictitious Capital, Debt Deflation and Global
    Crisis 2012 pdf


  • Super Imperialism – The Origin and Fundamentals of U.S. World Dominance 2003 Michael W. Hudson pdf
  • Changes in Superimperialism video
  • Webinar : a 4000-year perspective on economy, money and debt video
  • Michael Hudson: Resisting Empire lecture video

—Pëtr Kropotkin—
  • Modern Science and Anarchism 1903 text
  • Memoirs of a Revolutionist, 1899 text audio
  • Anarchism : Its Philosophy and ldeal text audio
  • Kropotkin: the politics of community Kropotkin & Morris pdf

— François Laruelle —
  • What is Non-Philosophy?: François Laruelle and Philosophy as the Capital-Form of Thought Acid Horizon audio
  • François Laruelle translations site

— Maurizio Lazzarato —
  • Maurizio Lazzarato’s “Governing by Debt” Theory & Philosophy video
  • Biopolitics/Bioeconomics : a politics of multiplicity text
  • The Making of the Indebted Man : An Essay on the Neoliberal Condition 2012 Maurizio Lazzarato, Joshua David Jordan pdf
  • A Maurizio Lazzarato collection text

—Mark Levene—
  • War, Jews and the New Europe: Diplomacy of Lucien Wolf, 1914-19 (1992) pdf
  • Genocide in the Age of the Nation State: Volume 1: The Meaning of Genocide 2005 pdf
  • Genocide in the Age of the Nation State: Volume 2: The Rise of the West and the Coming of Genocide 2005 pdf
  • Annihilation: The European Rimlands 1939-1953 (The Crisis of Genocide, Volume II) 2013 pdf

— Jean-François Lyotard —
  • Wicked Lyotard – Libidinal Economy Macinic Unconscious audio
  • Libidinal Economy 1974 pdf
  • The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge 1984 pdf

—Errico Malatesta—
  • Malatesta: Life and Ideas. The Anarchist Writings of Errico Malatesta text
  • The method of freedom : an Errico Malatesta reader PDF
  • The Errico Malatesta Online Archive site

—Charles S. Maier—
  • the unmasterable past
  • Once Within Borders: Territories of Power, Wealth, and Belonging Since 1500 (2016) pdf
  • leviathan 2.0

—Karl Marx—
  • Wage Labour and Capital 1847 text
  • Political Indifferentism 1873 text
  • Karl Marx’s Capital 1879 Carlo Cafiero text

—Marcel Mauss—
  • Introduction to the Work of Marcel Mauss Claude 1950 Lévi-Strauss (Baker) pdf
  • Sacrifice: Its Nature and Functions 1898 pdf
  • Techniques, Technology and Civilization (1901-1948) pdf
  • The Gift: forms and functions of exchange in archaic societies 1950 pdf
  • A General Theory of Magic 1950 pdf
  • Seasonal Variations of the Eskimo: A Study in Social Morphology 1950 pdf
  • Manual of Ethnography 1967 pdf
  • Marcel Mauss: A Biography 1994 Marcel Fournier pdf

—Joel Migdal—
  • Boundaries and Belonging: States and Societies in the Struggle to Shape Identities and L Practices 2004 pdf
  • State in Society: Studying How States and Societies Transform and Constitute One Another pdf
  • State Power and Social Forces : Domination and Transformation in the Third World pdf
  • Strong Societies and Weak States: State-Society Relations and State Capabilities in the Third World pdf
  • Peasants, Politics and Revolution: Pressures Toward Political and Social Change in the Third World pdf

—Brian Morris—
  • Anthropology, Ecology, and Anarchism : A Brian Morris Reader 2014 pdf
  • Anthropology and the Human Subject 2006 pdf

—Lewis Mumford—
  • The Myth of the Machine: Technics and Human Development 1967 pdf ch 9 (audio)[]
  • The Myth of the Machine. The Pentagon of Power 1970 pdf

—Friedrich Nietzsche—
  • Posthumanism Explained – Nietzsche, Deleuze, Stiegler, Haraway PlasticPills video
  • Deleuze on Nietzsche: Against the Dialectic PlasticPills video
  • Nietzsche Introduction: On the Genealogy of Morality (essay 1) 2018 Then & Now video
  • Nietzsche: The Genealogy of Morality (Essay 2 – Guilt, Bad Conscience…) 2018 Then & Now video
  • The Edgy Horror of Friedrich Nietzsche – Dumpster Flower video
  • Ishay Landa: The Last Humans and the Fascist Concept of the Enemy video
  • Nietzsche Overdose list audio
  • Nietzsche list Theory & Philosophy video
  • Uses of Nietzsche in Political Philosophy and Deleuze’s Recasting of the Concept of Ressentiment Acid Horizon audio
  • The Promise of Cruelty: The Second Essay of Nietzsche’s ‘On the Genealogy of Morals’ Acid Horizon audio
  • Nietzsche and Anarchy 2016 Shahin text
  • cruelty and redemption – chapter 4 ‘Debt – the first 5000 years’ – David Graeber text
  • The Birth of Tragedy. Out of the Spirit of Music pdf
  • On the Genealogy of Morality pdf
  • Twilight of the Idols 1895 pdf
  • Beyond Good and Evil – Prelude to a Philosophy of the Future pdf
  • Thus Spoke Zarathustra pdf
  • The Gay Science pdf
  • Nietzsche’s seven notebooks from 1876 pdf

  • Robust Action and the Rise of the Medici, 1400-1434 (1996) Padgett & Ansell pdf
  • The Emergence of Organizations and Markets 2012 Padgett & Powell pdf

—Robin Peignot—
  • Notes on partisanship : A New Form Of Militancy text
  • Whatever Happened to the Factory? text

—Paul, Élie & Elisée Reclus—


  • The History of a Mountain 1881 Elisée (Ness, Lillie) pdf
  • The Universal Geography 1875–1894 Elisée Reclus 850 MB zip


  • The Development of Liberty in the World : An Unpublished Study 1850 Elisée text
  • Religious and philosophical examination of the principle of authority 1851 Élie text
  • Fragment of a Voyage to Louisiana 1855 Elisée (Clark) text
  • The American Strike 1877 Elisée (Anarchia!) text
  • Legal Evolution and Anarchy 1878 Elisée (João Black) text
  • The Death Penalty 1879 Elisée (Ratan, Anton) text
  • Free Union 1882 Élie & Elisée (João Black) text
  • An Anarchist on Anarchy 1884 Elisée text audio
  • On Voting 1885 Elisée (Abidor) text
  • Why Anarchists don’t vote 1885 Elisée text
  • Why We Are Anarchists 1889 Élisée (Wilbur) text (Iain McKay) text audio
  • Evolution and Revolution 1891 Elisée (Reeves) text
  • To the editors of la Huelga General in Barcelona 1901 Elisée (Clark) text
  • Preface to The Conquest of Bread 1892 Elisée (McLaughlin) text
  • Anarchy 1894 Elisée (Clark) text
  • East and West 1894 Elisée text
  • The Ideal and Youth 1895 Elisée Reclus text
  • The Evolution of Cities 1895 Elisée text
  • A Great Globe 1898 Elisée pdf
  • On Vegetarianism 1901 Elisée text
  • Advice to Comrades 1901 Elisée (Clark) text audio
  • The Anarchist 1902 Elisée (Wilbur) text
  • Art and the People 1904 Elisée (Ishill) text
  • The So-Called Anarchist Decadence 1904 Elisée (Anarchia!) text
  • The Modern State 1905 Elisée (Anarchia!) text
  • Matriarchy and Patriarchy : from “Familles, Classes, Peuplades” 1905 Elisée (João Black) text
  • Letters from the Time of The Siege and the Commune 1911 Elisée (Abidor) text
  • Anarchist 1919 Paul text
  • The Great Kinship Of Humans and Fauna 1933 Elisée (Carpenter) text


  • Collected Works – Anarchy Archives text
  • Elisée and Elie Reclus: In Memoriam (ed. Joseph Ishill) text
  • Reclus, Élie & Élisée – Reader pdf
  • Anarchy, Geography, Modernity. Selected Writings of Elisée Reclus (Clark) text

—other authors—

  • No Country Other Than Liberty 2013 Lala Raščić after Elise Reclus and John Clark video
  • The great dream of Elisée Reclus video
  • “They have the right to throw us out”: Élisée Reclus’New Universal Geography 2013 Federico Ferretti pdf short presentation video
  • Reading Reclus between Italy and South America: translations of geography and anarchism in the work of Luce and Luigi Fabbri – Federico Ferretti pdf
  • Anarchy and Geography: Reclus and Kropotkin in the UK 2018 Federico Ferretti pdf
  • Evolution and revolution : Anarchist geographies, modernity and poststructuralism 2017 Federico Ferretti pdf
  • John Clark on the Spectacle, the Necrocene, the Zapatistas, Anarchism, and Elisee Reclus audio

—Walter Rodney—
  • The Deep | History, Walter Rodney and the Underdevelopment of Africa Saber video
  • how europe underdeveloped AFRICA 1972 Walter Rodney & Vincent Harding pdf
  • Walter Rodney – Crisis in the Periphery: Africa and the Caribbean video
  • The Groundings with My Brothers 1969 Walter Rodney pdf

—Marshall Sahlins—
  • playlist video
  • Evolution and Culture 1960 pdf
  • The Relevance of Models for Social Anthropology 1968 pdf
  • Stone Age Economics 1972 pdf
  • Culture and practical reason 1976 pdf
  • Historical Metaphors and Mythical Realities: Structure in the Early History of the Sandwich Islands Kingdom 1981 pdf
  • Islands of History 1985 pdf
  • How “natives” think: about Captain Cook, for example 1995 pdf
  • Waiting for Foucault, Still 2002 pdf
  • The Western Illusion of Human Nature: With Reflections on the Long History of Hierarchy, Equality and the Sublimation of Anarchy in the West, and Comparative … on Other Conceptions of the Human Condition 2006 Marshall Sahlins pdf
  • What Kinship Is—And Is Not 2012 pdf

—Zoé Samudzi—
  • In Absentia of Black Study text
  • The Anarchism of Blackness 2017 Zoé Samudzi text
  • As black as resistance Zoé Samudzi William C. Anderson pdf audio

— James C. Scott —
  • Seeing Like a State 1998 pdf
  • The Art of Not Being Governed pdf lecture video
  • Against the Grain : A Deep History of the Earliest States pdf
  • A Short Account of the Deep History of State Evasion | James C. Scott video
  • Domination and the Arts of Resistance: Hidden Transcripts 1990 pdf
  • Weapons of the weak: everyday forms of peasant resistance pdf

— Benedict Spinoza —
  • Spinoza and the Radical Enlightenment 2017 Then and Now video
  • An Atheist’s God – The Paradox of Spinoza Philosophy Overdose audio
  • spinoza playlist audio
  • Spinoza : a very short introduction 2001 Roger Scruton pdf
  • Spinoza, Practical Philosophy Gilles Deleuze 1988 pdf
  • Think Least of Death (on spinoza) 2020 Steven Nadler pdf
  • Ethics Demonstrated in Geometrical Order pdf
  • Spinoza. Complete works pdf

—subcomandante Marcos—
  • Subcomandante Marcos interview (subtitled) 1/3 video 2/3 video 3/3 video
  • Rage Against The Machine – Interview with Marcos (from The Battle Of Mexico City) video
  • Interview with Subcomandante Marcos of the EZLN 1997 video
  • Conversations with Durito : Stories of the Zapatistas and Neoliberalism 2005 pdf
  • The Seven Loose Pieces of the Global Jigsaw Puzzle. (Neoliberalism as a puzzle: the useless global unity which fragments and destroys nations) text
  • Our Word Is Our Weapon 2002 text
  • Twelve Women in the Twelfth Year 1996 text
  • The Fourth World War Has Begun 1997 pdf
  • Two Flaws (2004) text
  • I Shit On All the Revolutionary Vanguards of this Planet 2011 text

— the invisible committee —

— tiqqun —
  • Theory of Bloom 1999 pdf Pt 1 audio 2 audio 3 audio
  • This is Not a Program 2001 pdf audio
  • introduction to civil war pdf friendship audio
  • The Cybernetic Hypothesis text
  • Sonogram for a Potential pdf audio
  • Theses on the Imaginary Party pdf audio
  • Preliminary Materials For a Theory of the Young-Girl: Preliminaries pdf audio
  • The Beautiful Hell 2021 text
  • Apocrypha Repost pdf

—Leo Tolstoy—
  • On Anarchy 1900 text audio
  • What Is to Be Done? 1886 text
  • The Slavery Of Our Times 1900 text
  • The Kingdom of God Is Within You 1893 text audio

—Lucien van der Walt—
  • Revolutionary Anarchism and the Anti-Globalization Movement 2001 text
  • Towards a History of Anarchist Anti-Imperialism: Only the Workers and Peasants Will Go All the Way text