—reading lists—

Zoe Baker ………………………………. youth liberation Anarkismus
Post-Classical …………………………. feminism Zoe Baker
red & black notes …………………… marxism Zoe Baker
libcom …………………………………….. other





  • Are You An Anarchist? The Answer May Surprise You! David Graeber text audio
  • What is Black Anarchism? video
  • Anarchism 101. Zoe Baker audio
  • Anarchism and Its Aspirations 2010 Cindy Milstein text
  • Anarchism and the Black Revolution – Lorenzo Komboa Ervin text
  • Anarchism: What It Really Stands For (short) Emma Goldman text pdf audio
  • Anarchy 1891 Errico Malatesta text audio
  • An Anarchist Programme 1920 Errico Malatesta text 1899 audio
  • Essays Errico Malatesta audio
  • At The Café. Conversations on Anarchism 1922 Errico Malatesta text
  • Why I Am an Anarchist 1897 Voltairine de Cleyre text
  • Anarchism 1901 Voltairine de Cleyre text audio
  • The Making of an Anarchist 1903 Voltairine de Cleyre text audio
  • Words of a Rebel 1885 Pëtr Kropotkin text
  • The ABC of Anarchism Alexander Berkman pdf Review video w/dog
  • Revolutionary Left Radio: Zoe Baker on Anarchism audio
  • Revolutionary Left Radio: Mark Bray on Anarchism audio
  • Power (short) Anark text video
  • Means and Ends (short) Zoe Baker pdf audio
  • Post-Scarcity Anarchism Murray Bookchin text audio
  • Anarchism in four parts Libertarian Communist Platform video
  • The Government Of No One: The Theory And Practice Of Anarchism 2020 Ruth Kinna pdf ABC/RK/Coffee with Comrades audio
  • Practical Anarchy 2008 Stefan Molyneux pdf audio
  • Anarchy in Action 1982 Colin Ward pdf
  • Two Cheers for Anarchism pdf audio
  • Black Flame Lucien van der Walt and Michael Schmidt pdf
  • Anarchy Works! Peter Gelderloos pdf
  • Making Sense of Anarchism: Errico Malatesta’s Experiments
    with Revolution, 1889–1900 Davide Turcato pdf
  • No Gods No Masters : A History of Anarchism video
  • No gods, no masters: An anthology of anarchism – Daniel Guerin pdf
  • Breaking the Chains: A History of Anarchism. Lucien van der Walt text
  • Anarchism : A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas 2005 Graham (300-1939) pdf (1939-1977) pdf


  • Revolution series Anark Change & Revolution video Constructing the Revolution text video
  • Ashanti Alston on Black Liberation and Zapatistas video
  • Direct Action Voltairine de Cleyre text audio
  • Revolution in Reverse 2007 text
  • The Shock of Victory 2007 David Graeber text
  • Direct Action: An Ethnography 2009 David Graeber text
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Direct Action : What It Is, What It’s Good for, How It Works 2017 Crimethinc text
  • Tactics: Conceptions of Social Change, Revolution, and Anarchist Organisation. Dana M. Williams pdf
  • Jackson Rising: An Interview with Kali Akuno video
  • Jackson Rising : The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi Kali Akuno, Ajamu Nangwaya (eds) pdf
  • A Neglected Mechanism of Social Movement Political Influence: The Role of Anticorporate and Anti-Institutional Protest in Changing Government Policy. Kevin Young, Michael Schwartz pdf
  • Cities Under Siege – The New Military Urbanism. Stephen Graham 2010 pdf
  • The SHAC Model. A Critical Assessment CrimethInc text
  • The Desktop Regulatory State. Kevin Carson pdf
  • Nonviolence: A Path to Liberation? Saint Andrewism video
  • Webs of Power Starhawk pdf
  • In Defense of Smashing Streamer’s Cameras text
  • Communist Measures: thinking a Communist Horizon text
—mutual aid—
  • What is Mutual Aid? Saint Andrewism video
  • Introduction to Mutual Aid: An Illuminated Factor of Evolution. Andrej Grubacic, David Graeber 2020 text audio
  • Kropotkin on Mutual Aid — Review 1956 Paul Mattick text
  • Mutual aid: a factor of evolution 1902 Pëtr Kropotkin pdf audio or audio
  • Insurrectionary mutual aid Curious George Brigade pdf
  • Solidarity, Not Charity 2020 Dean Spade text
  • Mutual Aid Chart Dean Spade text
  • Let’s Talk Mutual Aid 2020 Regan de Loggans text
  • Insurrectionary Anarchism black rose audio
  • Black Bloc Tactics – 10 Quick Points! video
  • 10 Points on the Black Bloc 2010 Harsha Walia text
  • seaweed the art of rebellion – martial traditions for anarchists anarchist tactics and strategies of insurgency 2011 text
  • A Soldier’s Story. Revolutionary Writings by a New Afrikan Anarchist 2001 text
  • From Black Protest To Insurrection 2013 Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin text
  • Say You Want an Insurrection. Rolling Thunder text
  • Some notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism. sasha k pdf audio
  • Joyful Militancy – Building Thriving Resistance in Toxic Times 2017 carla bergman, Hari Alluri, Nick Montgomery pdf
  • You can’t blow up a social relationship 1979 Libertarian Socialist Organisation pdf
  • You Can’t Blow up a Social Relationship… But you can have fun trying! 1992 Bob Black pdf
  • Che text
  • A Crime Called Freedom: The Writings of Os Cangaceiros (Volume One) 2006 Os Cangaceiros text
—Alfredo M Bonanno—
  • Armed Joy 1977 text audio or audio
  • Insurrectionalist Anarchism 1999 text
  • The Logic of Insurrection 1984 text
  • From Riot to Insurrection 1988 text audio
  • The Insurrectional Project 1998 text
  • Insurrectionalist Anarchism 1999 text
  • Towards insurrection 2015 text


  • After the Revolution 2019 Anark video
  • Reimagining Revolutionary Organizing: A Vision for Dual Power 2019 John Michael Colón text
  • Organization 1897 Errico Malatesta text
  • The Dragon and the Hydra: A Historical Study of Organizational Methods… Investigation by Russell Maroon Shoatz into the methods of organisation used by maroons in Suriname and Jamaica, and the conflict between hierarchical and decentralised forms of organisation in the Haitian revolution. text
  • Facing the enemy: A history of anarchist organisation – Alexandre Skirda text
  • Anarchism as a Theory of Organization 1966 Colin Ward text audio
  • Neighborhood Pods: What They Are And How To Start Them video
  • Affinity 1985 Alfredo M Bonanno text audio
  • How to Form an Affinity Group – The Essential Building Block of Anarchist Organization 2017 Crimethinc text
  • friendship as a form of life various audio
—general assembly and process—
  • What is Consensus? Saint Adrewism video
  • The Democracy Project 2013 David Graeber pdf
  • The empowerment manual: a guide for collaborative groups 2012 Starhawk pdf

  • The Confederation as the Commune of Communes. ROAR mag text
  • From red scarfs to yellow vests: the communalist tradition 2021 Sixtine van Outryve text
  • Communalist Especifism Usufruct Collective text
  • Syndicalism and Anarchism. Errico Malatesta text
  • A Critique of Syndicalist Methods 2009 Alfredo M. Bonanno text
  • Trade unionism, Anton Pannekoek text
  • Anarcho-syndicalism in the 20th Century Vadim Damier text
  • Rudolf Rocker, Anarcho-Syndicalism: Theory and Practice text audio
  • Anarcho-syndicalism: reading guide libcom text
  • WOBBLIES OF THE WORLD. A global history of the IWW pdf
  • Organizer Training – Getting Started video
  • How To Unionize Your Workplace. Another slice video
  • NonCompete Doesn’t Understand Platformism Zoe Baker audio
  • A brief history and explanation of Platformism text
  • Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists 1926 text
  • Supplement to the Organisational Platform – questions and answers text
  • Nestor Makhno on Revolutionary Unity audio
  • Reading FARJ’s Social Anarchism and Organisation 2020 Charlotte Murphy text
  • Social Anarchism and Organisation FARJ text
  • Especifismo 2006 Adam Weaver text
  • Black Rose Anarchist Federation – Role of the Revolutionary Organization text
  • Juan Carlos Mechoso of the Uruguayan Anarchist Federation (FAU), interviewed by Felipe Corrêa pdf
  • Black Rose member Patrick with MC Sole, host of Solecast audio
  • Huerta Grande 1972 text
  • The Federacion Anarquista Uruguaya: Crisis, armed struggle and dictatorship, 1967-85 pdf


—youth liberation—

  • Why It Sucks To Be Young. Saint Andrewism video
  • Childhood & The Psychological Dimension of Revolution 1983 Ashanti Alston text
  • Youth Liberation. (I) An-ok Ta Chai text
  • Taking Children Seriously (TCS) and Anarchy 2002 (I)An-ok text
  • Why is Youth Liberation so Important in the Climate Movement? text
  • NO! Against Adult Supremacy Vol 1 text Vol 2 text Vol 3 text Vol 4 text
  • The Young in a Post Industrial Society 1988 Alfredo M. Bonanno text
  • Anarchy Vs. Archy: No Justified Authority : Or Why Chomsky Is Wrong 2018 ziq text
  • The Biopolitics of Feeling: Race, Sex, and Science in the Nineteenth Century 2018 Kyla Schuller pdf
  • Racial Innocence: Performing American Childhood from Slavery to Civil Rights 2011 Robin Bernstein pdf
  • The Education System is Broken. Saint Andrewism video
  • Education For Obedience Libertarian Communist Platform video
  • Althusser on Capitalist Ideology and State Apparatuses PlasticPills video
  • Compulsory Education is Jail for Innocent Kids. Enrico Sanna text
  • An Anarchist Education 2021 Donovan Irven text
  • What about education? anarchy works Peter Gelderloos text
  • Toward the Destruction of Schooling 2004 Jan D. Matthews text audio
  • Anarchist Education Judith Suissa pdf
  • Anarchism and Education. A philosophical perspective Judith Suissa text
  • The Promise of Deschooling 1998 Matt Hern text
  • Inside the Capitalist Education System 2017 Anatol Dniester text
  • deschooling society Ivan Illich pdf
  • Anarchist Pedagogies : Collective Actions, Theories, and Critical Reflections on Education 2012 text
  • The Emergence of Compulsory Schooling and Anarchist Resistance 2003 Matt Hern text
  • Abolish High School Rebecca Solnit text
  • Little Red School House podcast audio
  • Democratic Schools (Alternatives to School) text
  • Lists of Democratic Schools, Co-ops and Resource Centers (A2S) text
—youth and psychiatry—
  • Psychiatry’s Oppression of Young Anarchists — and the Underground Resistance 2013 Bruce E. Levine text
  • Fucked Off Not Fucked Up V.Q. text
  • Modern Educational Reform Voltairine de Cleyre text audio
  • The Child and its enemies. Emma Goldman text audio
  • The Social Importance of the Modern School. Emma Goldman text
  • Education, Infrastructure, Insurrection: Mark Bray on Francisco Ferrer and the Modern School audio
  • Anarchist Education/the Modern School: Mark Bray and Rob Haworth on Francisco Ferrer video
  • Francisco Ferrer – Voltairine de Cleyre text audio
  • Francisco Ferrer and the Modern School Emma Goldman text audio
  • The Origin and Ideals of the Modern School Francisco Ferrer pdf
  • The Criminal Child Jean Genet audio
—anthropology of childhood—
  • Go Ahead, Give Your Toddler A Kitchen Knife Sujata Gupta text
  • Toddlers With Knives 2016 Lenore Skenazy text
  • Playing with tools—and weapons—was a ‘normal’ part of prehistoric childhood 2019 Colin Barras text
  • Playing With Knives : The Socialization of Self-Initiated Learners Lancy pdf
  • Why Anthropology of Childhood? A short history of an emerging discipline Lancy pdf
  • Anthropological Perspectives on Children as Helpers, Workers, Artisans, and Laborers David F. Lancy pdf
  • The Gardener and the Carpenter: What the New Science of Child Development Tells Us About the Relationship Between Parents and Children Alison Gopnik pdf

—feminism and queer theory—

  • anarcha-feminism black rose reading list text
  • Feminism & Identity Politics Zoe Baker audio
  • Jineology: Feminism & Patriarchy In The Middle East Saint Andrewism video
  • Maggie McNeill on The Politics of Sex Work – Non Serviam video
  • Quiet Rumours An Anarcha-Feminist Reader pdf
  • Understanding Patriarchy Bell Hooks text audio
  • Growth | Nowhere Grotesk audio
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Thistle Writing Collective. Reflections from the 2020 Black Rose Split and a Warning to the Patriarchal Revolutionary Left text
  • Why does he do that? Lundy Bancroft pdf
  • Islam and Queer Muslims : Identity and Sexuality in the Contemporary World 2019 Mohamed Abdou, Mohamed Jean Veneuse text
  • Do Women Have Better Sex In Socialist & Communist Countries? (ft. Kristen Ghodsee) iNJiH podcast audio
  • From Inclusion to Resistance. (trans in US military) text
  • Revolution at Point Zero : Housework, Reproduction, and Feminist Struggle 2012 Silvia Federici pdf audio lecture video interview video
  • They Who Marry Do Ill 1907 Voltairine de Cleyre text
  • Free Love, Free Motherhood 1900 Paul Robin text
  • Indigenism, Anarchism, Feminism: An Emerging Framework for Exploring Post-Imperial Futures. Jacqueline Lasky text
  • Understanding Sex for Sale: Meanings and Moralities of Sexual Commerce 2018 May-Len Skilbrei and Marlene Spanger pdf
  • What Our Skeletons Say About the Sex Binary 2018 Alexandra Kralick text
  • Sexual Assault and the LGBTQ Community text
  • Caliban and the Witch Silvia Federici pdf audio ch4/2 audio presentation audio discussion by anarchist book club audio
  • Beyond the Periphery of the Skin 2020 Silvia Federici pdf
  • The Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital 1981 Leopoldina Fortunati pdf
  • Revolutionary Women 2015 AFED, Anarchist Federation 2015 text
  • The Best Feminist You’ve Never Heard Of: He-Yin Zhen. Zoe Baker text video
  • Queer Nuns – The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, with Chris video
  • The Radical Faeries Movement, with Chris video
  • The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions 1991 Larry Mitchell pdf audio
  • Queer Fire George Jackson Brigade pdf audio
  • The Death of Nature 1994 Carolyn Merchant pdf
  • Liberating Life : Woman’s Revolution 2013 Abdullah Ocalan text
  • Enclosures, Common Rights, and Women: The Proletarianization of Families in the Late
    Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries Jane Humphries pdf


  • What is Anti-Racism and How to be Anti-Racist. Anansi’s Book Club video
  • As black as resistance : finding the conditions for liberation Anderson, Kaba & Samudzi pdf
  • A People’s Psychology of (Anti-)Racism, Anup Gampa and Jeremy Sawyer text
  • Post Colonial Anarchism. Essays on race, repression and culture in communities of color 1999-2004 Roger White 2005 text
  • The colour brown. de-colonising anarchism and challenging white hegemony, Budour Hassan text
  • Anarchism and Multiculturalism. Uri Gordon text
  • Nationalism and Culture. Ray E. Chase, Rudolf Rocker text audio
  • The Progressive Plantation: racism inside white radical social change groups Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin text
  • Against Innocence Race, Gender, and the politics of Safety jackie wang text audio
  • Histories of Racial Capitalism Destin Jenkins, Justin Leroy pdf
  • The Bonds of Inequality: Debt and the Making of the American City Destin Jenkins pdf
  • The racists’ peace Yannick Giovanni Marshall text
  • What is ‘Blacceleration’? A Conversation With Aria Dean Acid Horizon audio
  • Traces of History : Elementary Structures of Race 2016 Patrick Wolfe pdf
  • Invisible Man 1952 Ralph Ellison pdf
  • Working through Whiteness: White, Male College Students Challenging Racism Nolan L. Cabrera pdf
  • On Being “the Only One” at Work 2021 Dr. Courtney R. Baker text


  • social ecology list text
  • practical ecology list text
  • An Anarchist solution to Global Warming 2010 Gelderloos text audio
  • Beyond primacy : Marxism, anarchism and radical green political theory 2010 Alan Carter text
  • Pioneers of Ecological Humanism 2012 Brian Morris pdf
  • Sperm whales in 19th century shared ship attack information text
  • Capitalism is Killing the Earth – Anarchist Federation audio
  • Can Permaculture Feed the World? Patrick Whitefield 2016 text
  • Capitalism in the Web of Life – Ecology and the Accumulation
    of Capital 2015 Jason W . Moore pdf
  • Dealing with Distractions: Confronting Green Capitalism in Copenhagen and Beyond 2009 text
  • Degrowth: a theory of radical abundance Jason Hickel pdf
  • Deep Ecology & Anarchism – A Polemic 1993 various text
  • Surviving Climate Change: The Struggle to Avert Global Catastrophe 2007 Cromwell & Levene pdf
  • History at the End of the World: History, Climate Change and the Possibility of Closure 2010 Levene, Johnson, Roberts pdf
  • Insurrectionary Ecology anonymous audio
  • The age of Guerilla Ecology text
  • Climate scientists : concept of net zero is a dangerous trap text
  • Anthropocene, Emissions Budget, and the Structural Crisis of the Capitalist World System text
  • Why Collapse Is Inevitable: The Truth About Climate Change (Risk Assessor) text
  • Devil’s Bargain : We already have planet-cooling technology. The problem is, it’s killing us.
  • Global warming will happen faster than we think text
  • The Social Life of Forests Ferris Jabr text
  • 1491: New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus Charles C. Mann pdf


  • The Tyranny of the Clock 1944 George Woodcock text
  • “Talking about a new society requires being able to discard time:” An Interview with Estelle Ellison text
  • The expropriation of time – Robert Kurz text
  • Chapter 16. The Fascination of Time (The Revolution of Everyday Life) Raoul Vaneigem text
  • Time, labor, and social domination A reinterpretation of Marx’s critical theory Moishe Postone pdf
  • Employment Struggles and the Commodification of Time: Marx and the Analysis of Working Time Flexibility pdf
  • On Time – technology and temporality in modern egypt On Barak pdf
  • Time, work-discipline and industrial capitalism 1967 E. P. Thompson text
  • Corrupting Capitalism: Michael Ende’s Momo and “Cathedral Station” pdf
  • Momo. A Fable for the Modern World Michael Ende pdf audio or audio


  • 2 threads on work All Possums Go to Heaven @HeavenlyPossums text
  • A Fake Feud : Extracted Again Exiliaex text
  • Work: A Deep History, from the Stone Age to the Age of Robots 2020 James Suzman pdf
  • Work: A History of How We Spend Our Time 2021 James Suzman pdf
  • Division of Labour 2004 Return Fire text
  • Let’s Destroy Work, Let’s Destroy the Economy 1987–1995 Bonanno text audio
  • Workers Against Work : Labor in Paris and Barcelona During the Popular Fronts 1990 Michael Seidman text review Alex Trotter text
— david graeber —
  • Turning Modes of Production Inside Out – Or, Why Capitalism is a Transformation of Slavery 2006 Graeber text audio
  • Anthropology and the rise of the professional-managerial class 2014 text
  • Bullshit Jobs. A Theory 2018 Graeber text essay text audio interview audio lecture video
  • ‘I had to guard an empty room’ : The rise of the pointless job 2020 text
  • To save the world, we’re going to have to stop working 2020 Graeber text audio


  • 9 threads on propaganda, poverty, the Enlightenment etc All Possums Go to Heaven @HeavenlyPossums text
  • Buncombe 2013 David Graeber text
  • Understanding Media 1964 Marshall McLuhan pdf
  • Manufacturing consent 2002 Edward S Herman Noam Chomsky pdf
  • How propaganda works 2015 Jason Stanley pdf
  • What is happening to our norms against racist speech? 2019 Jennifer Saul pdf
  • Signalling Games, Sociolinguistic Variation and the Construction of Style 2016 Heather Burnett pdf
  • Dogwhistles, Political Manipulation, and Philosophy of Language 2017 Jennifer Saul pdf
  • Ramble: How Should Anarchists Talk To Liberals? Zoe Baker audio


  • What is the State? | The State is Counter-Revolutionary 2020 Anark text video
  • The state 2003 Harold Barclay pdf
  • The Origins of Major War 2000 Dale C. Copeland pdf
  • Evil Men 1969 James Dawes pdf
  • Targeting Civilians in War 2008 Alexander B. Downes pdf
  • The Myth of Nations : The Medieval Origins of Europe 2002 Patrick J. Geary pdf
  • Worshiping Power: An Anarchist View of Early State Formation
    Peter Gelderloos pdf
  • Why?: Explaining the Holocaust Peter Hayes pdf
  • Terrible Fate: Ethnic Cleansing in the Making of Modern Europe Benjamin Lieberman
  • The Dark Side of Democracy: Explaining Ethnic Cleansing 2004 Michael Mann pdf
  • The State Its History and Development Viewed Sociologically 1997 Franz Oppenheimer pdf
  • Against Their Will: The History and Geography of Forced Migrations in the USSR 2001 Pavel M. Polian pdf
  • The Abolition of the State. Anarchist and Marxist Perspectives 2007 Wayne Price text
  • Torture and Democracy 2007 Darius Rejali pdf
  • Home Rule: National Sovereignty and the Separation of Natives and Migrants 2020 Nandita Sharma pdf
  • War Making and State Making as Organized Crime 2017 Charles Tilly doc
  • Vessels of Evil Mordechai Thomas
  • Final Solutions: Mass Killing and Genocide in the Twentieth Century 2004 Benjamin A. Valentino pdf
  • Waves of War : Nationalism, State Formation, and Ethnic Exclusion in the Modern World 2013 Andreas Wimmer pdf
—Mark Levene—
  • War, Jews and the New Europe: Diplomacy of Lucien Wolf, 1914-19 (1992) pdf
  • Genocide in the Age of the Nation State: Volume 1: The Meaning of Genocide 2005 pdf
  • Genocide in the Age of the Nation State: Volume 2: The Rise of the West and the Coming of Genocide 2005 pdf
  • Annihilation: The European Rimlands 1939-1953 (The Crisis of Genocide, Volume II) 2013 pdf
—Charles S. Maier—
  • the unmasterable past
  • Once Within Borders: Territories of Power, Wealth, and Belonging Since 1500 (2016) pdf
  • leviathan 2.0
—Joel Migdal—
  • Boundaries and Belonging: States and Societies in the Struggle to Shape Identities and L Practices 2004 pdf
  • State in Society: Studying How States and Societies Transform and Constitute One Another pdf
  • State Power and Social Forces : Domination and Transformation in the Third World pdf
  • Strong Societies and Weak States: State-Society Relations and State Capabilities in the Third World pdf
  • Peasants, Politics and Revolution: Pressures Toward Political and Social Change in the Third World pdf
  • Robust Action and the Rise of the Medici, 1400-1434 (1996) Padgett & Ansell pdf
  • The Emergence of Organizations and Markets 2012 Padgett & Powell pdf
—James Scott—
  • Seeing Like a State 1998 pdf
  • The Art of Not Being Governed pdf lecture video
  • Against the Grain : A Deep History of the Earliest States pdf
  • A Short Account of the Deep History of State Evasion | James C. Scott video
  • The State 1905 Leo Tolstoy text
  • The state: Its historic role – Pëtr Kropotkin text
  • The Modern State 1913 Pëtr Kropotkin text


  • abolitionist futures list text
  • critical resistance abolish policing reading and media list text
  • Police Abolition and Other Revolutionary Lessons from Rojava, Hawzhin Azeez text video
  • Throughline < American Police text & audio
  • On the social construction of policing All Possums Go to Heaven @HeavenlyPossums text
  • to stop police violence we need better questions and bigger demands Mariame Kaba text
  • How I Became a Police Abolitionist 2020 Derecka Purnell text
  • Coercion: Fundamental to the Modern State Samuel Clarke text
  • Origins of the police – David Whitehouse pdf
  • Why “Crime” Isn’t the Question and Police Aren’t the Answer text
  • Preliminaries to the War on Prison pdf audio
  • On the Phenomenology of Giant Puppets : Broken windows, imaginary jars of urine, and the cosmological role of the police 2007 David Graeber text
  • Carceral Capitalism 2018 Jackie Wang pdf
  • Adios Prison: Tales of Spectacular Escapes text audio
  • Letters from Prison 1983-85 Kuwasi Balagoon text
  • Back From Hell: Black Power And Treason To Whiteness Inside Prison Walls 2009 Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin text
  • Locked Up 2008 Alfredo Bonanno text
  • Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist 1912 Alexander Berkman text audio
  • Discipline and Punish. The Birth of the Prison Michel Foucault pdf


  • scream for your life! nihilist’s tale of negation and psychriatic institution 2021 feral coyote pdf
  • The Technique of Certainty by Marco Beaco text
  • Descending into Madness : An Anarchist-Nihilist Diary of Anti-Psychiatry Flower Bomb text
  • Abolition Must Include Psychiatry 2020 Stella Akua Mensah text
  • The End of the Asylum (Where the Shoe Pinches) 1961 Colin Ward text
  • The Last Of The Hippies — An Hysterical Romance 1982 Penny Rimbaud text
—8leggedzoomer anti-psychiatry list—
  • The Guattari Effect (Chapter 1 : Schizo Chaosmosis) (ed) Éric Alliez and Andrew Goffey pdf
  • The Revolt Against Psychiatry : A Counterhegemonic Dialogue (Chapter 10 and 15) Bonnie Burstow pdf
  • The Policing of Families (Chapter 4 Section B and C) Professor Jacques Donzelot pdf
  • From Psychoanalysis to Schizoanalysis : Chaos and Complexity in Therapeutic Practice (Part Two Section 14 and Part 3 Section 6) Scott William Gremmels pdf
  • Chaosophy (Part Two Sections 5 , 6 , 8 , and 10) Félix Guattari pdf
  • Homosexuality and Liberation : Elements of a Gay Critique 1980 Mario Mieli (Chapter Two Sections 3 and 4 , and Chapter 3 Section 6) pdf
  • Qualitative Psychology: Introducing Radical Research (Chapter 1) Ian Parker pdf
  • The myth of mental illness: foundations of a theory of personal conduct (Chapter 3 and 15) 1974 Thomas Stephen Szasz pdf
  • Radical Feminist Therapy : Working in the Context of Violence (Chapter 2) 1992 Bonnie Burstow pdf


  • Anti-Fascism and the Carceral State feat. Lorenzo Ervin and JoNina Abron-Ervin interview text audio
  • Re-Education Fascism series video
  • Félix Guattari’s “Everybody Wants to be a Fascist” Theory & Philosophy audio & Félix’s essay pdf
  • How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them 2018 Jason Stanley pdf
  • Fascism Is the True Face of Capitalism 1935 Bertholt Brecht text
  • What Can We Do With Antifascism 1994 Alfredo M. Bonanno text
  • Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook. Mark Bray pdf
  • Anti-Anti-Antifa A. M. Gittlitz 2018 text
  • Concerning the violent peace-police. An open letter to Chris Hedges 2012 text
  • The Anatomy of Fascism by Robert Paxton pdf
  • The Most Common Errors of European Anti-Fascism 1938 text
  • 12 rules for what podcast audio
  • Fascists are the Tools of the State – Peter Gelderloos text audio
  • The German Catechism text

—statist marxism—

  • lists: Russia, China, Vietnam, Cuba
  • Ashanti Alston on Black Liberation and Zapatistas video
  • Interview with Anarchist Former BLA-Member Ashanti Alston 2020 Treyf text & audio
  • Why I Am An Anarchist 2017 Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin text
  • Authoritarian Leftists: Kill the Cop in Your Head 1996 Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin text
  • Just Another Nigger : My Life in the Black Panther Party 2019 Don Cox pdf
  • donald cox, interviewed by safiya bukhari audio
  • Red Fascism 1934 Voline text
  • Listen, Marxist! 1971 Murray Bookchin text
  • Always Against The Tanks : Three Essays on Red Nationalism 2019 Rustamova & Harmon text
  • Anarchy and “scientific” communism – Luigi Fabbri text
  • A Critique of Maoism Zoomer Nation video
  • The Poverty of Statism Anarchism vs Marxism, A Debate Albert Meltzer, Luigi Fabbri, Rudolf Rocker text

—imperialism & decolonization—

  • LandBack: The Indigenous Liberation Movement, Saint Andrewism video
  • The wretched of the earth 1963 Frantz Fanon pdf audio
  • A Dying Colonialism 1959 pdf
  • CORRECTED LINK Anti-colonial Anarchism, Or Anarchistic Anti-Colonialism: The Similarities in the Revolutionary Theories of Frantz Fanon and Mikhail Bakunin, Ryan Allen Knight pdf
  • Oppressor and Oppressed Nations: Sketching a Taxonomy of Imperialism by Gabriel Kuhn text
  • Insurgent Empire – Anticolonial Resistance and British Dissent 2019 Priyamvada Gopal pdf
  • The Overthrow of Colonial Slavery 1776-1848 by Robin Blackburn 1988 pdf
  • Imperialist domination and the popular masses, Jan- Miami Autonomy & Solidarity (MAS) text
  • Negres Tempestes Presentation text
  • ‘Anarchism, pure and simple’. M. P. T. Acharya, anti-colonialism and the international anarchist movement. Ole Birk Laursen 2020 text
  • Undoing Border Imperialism. Harsha Walia 2013 pdf
  • The Futures Past of Internationalism: A Conversation with Benita Parry text
  • “Come O Lions! Let Us Cause a Mutiny:” Anarchism and the Subaltern, by Tariq Khan text
  • Against Imperialism: International Solidarity and Resistance – Endless Struggle (1990) text
  • Home Rule: National Sovereignty and the Separation of Natives and Migrants Nandita Sharma pdf
  • Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, 3/1999 pdf
  • Anarchism and Syndicalism in the Colonial and Postcolonial World, 1870–1940 text pdf
  • Late Victorian Holocausts : El Niño Famines and the Making of the Third World 2002 Mike Davis pdf
  • adcs Vol. 2021 No. 1 (2021): The Politics of Indigeneity, Anarchist Praxis, and Decolonization pdf
—Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri—
  • Postmodernization in Hardt & Negri’s Empire audio
  • Empire 2000 pdf
  • Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire 2004 pdf
  • Empire in 2020 lecture Hardt audio
  • Hardt : Globalization and Democracy – Politics of Multitude audio
—Michael Hudson—
  • Super Imperialism – The Origin and Fundamentals of U.S. World Dominance 2003 Michael W. Hudson pdf
  • Changes in Superimperialism video
  • Webinar : a 4000-year perspective on economy, money and debt video
  • Michael Hudson: Resisting Empire lecture video
—Lucien van der Walt—
  • Revolutionary Anarchism and the Anti-Globalization Movement 2001 text
  • Towards a History of Anarchist Anti-Imperialism: Only the Workers and Peasants Will Go All the Way text
  • Colonization. Jean Grave 1912 text
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—David Graeber—
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—Brian Morris—
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